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Invisalign & Facial Aesthetics Open Day

Saturday 27th November 10AM – 3PM


Invisalign & Facial Aesthetics Open Day.

Why attend the Open Day?

Amazing prices

Invisalign treatment with 10% savings!

FREE Initial Consultations

(worth £60 for Invisalign and Facial Aesthetics)

FREE intraoral 3D Scan

No uncomfortable Impressions!

Free Tooth Whitening

at end of treatment worth £350!

Free Facial Aesthetic Assessment

from our Harley street trained dentist

Up to 20% off Facial Aesthetics treatments

our biggest discounted rates yet!


Consultation – FREE!! (usually £60)

Retainers – FREE!!

Intraoral 3D scan – FREE!!

New smile simulation – FREE!!

Teeth whitening – FREE!! (usually £350)

Hygiene visit – FREE!! (usually £54)



Invisalign usually £3950 – OPEN DAY PRICE: £3550 – Savings £400

Retainers usually £299 – OPEN DAY PRICE: FREE!! – Savings £299


Consultation – FREE!! – Savings £60

Anti-wrinkle treatment consultation usually from £350 for 3 areas – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £35

Jaw line slimming usually from £450 – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £45

Treatment for excessive teeth clenching usually from £450 – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £45

Treatments for excessive palm/underarm sweating usually from £550 – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £55

Dermal filler treatments usually from £325 – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £32

Lip, cheek and chin enhancements usually from £499 – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £49

Nasiolabial fold usually from £325 – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £32

Marionette lines treatments usually from £325 – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £32

Pre-peel cleansing facial usually from £60 per session – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £6 per session

Bio-repeel treatment usually from £90 per session – OPEN DAY PRICE: 10% OFF – Savings from £9 per session

TOTAL SAVINGS – from £400

Price Alert – Sign up for any Invisalign Treatment at the open day and get a further 10% discount on any Facial Aesthetics Treatment (giving you total discount of 20% plus Open day Savings)

What is the catch?

There is none! You just have to show up on the day to benefit from the limited and exclusive offers listed above.

Spaces on our Open Day are very limited and often full up very fast, so please contact us using the details below.

Phone: 020 8428 3769

Email: [email protected]

How will it work?

You’ll attend a complimentary consultation with one of our Invisalign dentists, have a 3D intraoral scan of your teeth and even see a 3D simulation of how your smile could look post-treatment!

You also have the option of seeing our medical facial aesthetics practitioner to discuss any concerns you may have about your skin, lips, cheeks, chins, excessive sweating and fine lines and wrinkles

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is teeth straightening treatment which uses a series of clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth over a period of time. Invisalign is a popular treatment which has been used to treat millions of patients across the world. Treatment can take between 4 and 18 months depending on each specific case and desired outcome. At the end of treatment, we will provide you with retainers to keep your new, straight smile in position for life!

What is a 3D intraoral scan?

Our state-of-the-art 3D scanner allows us to take impressions of your smile – needed for treatments such as Invisalign or home teeth whitening – without using the messy, uncomfortable moulds you may be used to. The scanner takes hundreds of photos of your teeth every second to formulate a 3D image of your entire smile in great detail. Using AI technology, the scanner can also show a simulation of how your teeth will move into their final position and therefore how your smile will look after your treatment has finished.

What medical aesthetic treatments do you offer?

We offer the following treatments:

Anti-wrinkle treatment consultations, Jaw line slimming, treatment for excessive teeth clenching, treatments for excessive palm/ underarm sweating

Dermal filler treatments including lip, cheek and chin enhancements, nasiolabial fold and Marionette lines treatments, as well as Chemical Peels.