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Why choose us for Dental Bridges?

Bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth.


Teeth fall out for a variety of reasons, such as decay and injury. If you’re ever unlucky enough to lose a tooth, then you’ll probably want to replace it. There’s three ways to replace missing teeth: dentures, implants and bridges. Of these three, bridges are the “middle ground”. They’re cheaper than implants but more comfortable than dentures.

What are bridges?

Like implants and dentures, a dental bridge is basically a fake tooth. But what distinguishes it from an implant and dentures is the way it attaches to your mouth. Attached to the fake tooth are two crowns, which are hollow and fit snugly over your real teeth. These crowns will hold the fake tooth in place. In some cases, the dentist will actually cement the crowns onto your real teeth to prevent them from moving around.

What are the alternatives to bridges?

If all that seems like a lot just to replace a missing tooth, then you might want to consider an alternative: implants. An implant is fake tooth that the dentist attaches directly to your jaw. Implants are stronger than bridges and usually last longer too. However, the catch is that they’re more expensive. Here at Headstone Lane Dental, we provide bridges from £750 (depending on the material we use) and implants from £1,300.

Why would I need a bridge?

If have a missing tooth, then you might not see the importance of getting it replaced. You might have even become used to the feeling of having a gap in your teeth. However, there are numerous advantages to filling that gap:

  • Your smile will look more attractive. A study has found that people rate a missing tooth as unattractive, especially when it’s a front tooth. For some patients, bridging the gap between their teeth is a life-changing experience and gives them the confidence to smile again.
  • It’s easier to eat when you have a full set of teeth. That’s because all your teeth play a part in eating: the front teeth cut your food, the canines tear it, and the molars are for grinding food.
  • It’s actually easier to talk with a full set of teeth.

What is the procedure like for getting a bridge?

Getting a bridge requires at least two visits to the dentist.

At your initial consultation, one of our dentists will discuss your case with you. The dentist will also create a mold of your teeth and then send it to a laboratory, who will use the mold to make your bridge.

On the next visit, the dentist will give you a local anaesthetic and then fit the bridge into place. The way the bridge attaches to your teeth will depend on the type of bridge. With traditional bridges, the bridge is cemented to your teeth, whereas with a Maryland bridge, the bridge is fixed into place with a metal or porcelain wing.

After the procedure, your bridge should immediately feel comfortable in your mouth. You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

What is life like with a bridge?

Your bridge will feel just like a normal tooth. Furthermore, bridges often last ten years or longer. However, you will need to maintain a good dental hygiene routine, consisting of regular visits to the dentist, brushing twice a day, and flossing once a day. Ensure that you floss particularly well under the fake tooth as food can sometimes get stuck under it.

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Make an appointment with one of our friendly dentists to find out more about bridges. Our dentists Dr. Gulamhusein, Dr. Sumar, Dr. Hassan and Dr. Ladak will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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