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Replace missing teeth

Dentures Harrow

Dentures are one of the most common solutions to missing teeth. Find out more about this treatment by our dentists in Harrow.

Get the freedom to smile again by replacing missing teeth with Dentures

Dentures, or false teeth, are one of the most common solutions to missing teeth. They’re strong and look like real teeth since they’re made from acrylic resins or porcelain. Dentures are also cheap compared to similar treatments like bridges and implants.

Reasons to get dentures

Patients get dentures for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the frequent reasons:

  • Smile with confidence. Modern dentures look completely natural and can really enhance your smile. You’ll no longer have to feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth. You can smile away with a beautiful full set of teeth!
  • Reduce your lines and wrinkles. Another benefit of dentures is that they help support your lips and cheeks. This support can reduce your face’s lines and wrinkles.
  • Make it easier to eat. A further benefit of dentures is that they can restore your ability to chew food properly.
  • Make it easier to speak. Did you know that even a single missing tooth can affect the way you speak? The good news is that dentures can help you to talk naturally again.<

What’s it like to wear dentures?

During the first few weeks of wearing your new dentures, you will probably experience some soreness and increased saliva. You might also find it harder to speak and chew. Rest assured that these problems will go away as your muscles and tissues get used to the new dentures.

How do I look after my dentures?

Look after dentures isn’t too different to taking care of real teeth. You’ll basically just need to brush them with toothpaste every day for two minutes. You’ll also need to periodically soak them in a special cleaning solution to soak off any food deposits.

Are there any alternatives to dentures?

Yes, there are two alternatives to dentures: bridges and implants.

  • Bridges are artificial teeth that attach to your remaining teeth.
  • Implants are artificial teeth that are securely held in place by artificial roots, which are usually made of titanium.

Bridges and implants are both fixed to your mouth, which means you can’t remove them. However, many patients actually like bridges and implants for this reason. Bridges and implants behave like real teeth, which means you can just forget about them and get on with your life. Dentures, on the other hand, are not attached to your mouth, which this can be inconvenient at times. You might worry that your dentures will pop out at inappropriate moments, plus you might need to regularly apply dental adhesive to keep them in place.

However, dentures are usually cheaper than bridges and implants. Also, dentures don’t require any type of surgery.

What’s the procedure for getting dentures?

Dentures are hand made by expert dental lab technicians to match your other teeth.

Getting dentures involves several appointments. However, the process is straightforward compared to the procedure for bridges and implants.

At your first appointment, the dentist will assess your teeth and decide whether you need partial dentures (a replacement for just a few teeth) or complete dentures (a replacement for all your teeth).

At the next appointment, the dentist will create impressions of your teeth. This involves keeping a putty-like material in your mouth for a few minutes until it sets. The dentist will then send your impressions to a laboratory who will make your dentures.

The laboratory will first make trial dentures that you will try out for size, fit and appearance. If you’re happy with the trial dentures, then the laboratory will then make the final dentures out of stronger materials.

Need more information?

Headstone Lane Dental is dedicated to providing high-quality dentures to patients in Harrow. If you’re considering dentures, then don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us. We’ll be happy to go over your situation with you and suggest solutions – whether that’s complete dentures, partial dentures, bridges or implants.

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